About Us

Firstnalia is an apparel company that designs and sales high quality and fashionable apparel including but not limited to greek paraphernalia apparel for members of intercollegiate, greek letter fraternities, sororities and other nonprofit organizations.

Firstnalia’s designs are influenced by pop culture, fashion trends, art, current events, college life, greek life and American History. 

Part of firstnalia’s company’s culture or value, is customer service first. Firstnalia believes in giving before receiving, “give and you shall receive.” As a founder of firstnalia, I believe in the culture of companies such as Starbucks, Zappos, Chick-fila,  Biscuitville, Amazon and Tesla Motors. Part of the reason why these companies are successful is because they put their customers’ experience and their employees’ needs first.

Firstnalia is not here to just provide consumers with the highest quality products that they can be proud of to wear to represent themselves and their organizations but to also provide consumers with the best experience with an apparel company.


Thank you,