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Customer service?

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"It" says firstnalia was founded in 2006. That was like 10 years ago, and this is my first time hearing about firstnalia! What gives?

Firstnalia was big on not releasing any services or products until it was perfect. Over the years, we have been inventing and reinventing firstnalia and continued to hold back because we always found a way to make it better. But nothing is perfect and firstnalia's product and services are far from perfect. We will continue to develop firstnalia as we release new products and services.  

What is the difference between the products in the "Samples" Collection and the "Original" Collection?

The major difference is "Samples" Collection consists of  DTG (Direct to Garment) printed apparel and "Original" Collection consists of screen printed apparel.  DTG printing uses high quality inkjet printing process.  DTG printing is used for complex designs with many colors, such as photographs.  The prints are softer to the touch than traditional screen printing.  The ink will fade slightly after several washes and drys.

Screen Printing is a premium form of printing designs on apparel via squeegee one color ink and pattern through a silk screen individually. The ink is soft but slightly raised off the fabric. The ink from screen printed graphics are bold and the integrity of the colors hold more than DTG printing after several washes and drys.